Yarn Previews

More often, I'm sourcing yarns that are natural, breed-specific, traceable, or Canadian. It can take some time to source and prepare these small batches of special yarns, and once they do arrive, they go quickly. 

This page previews batches of yarn that are in the studio or at the mill, and that will be arriving in the shop sometime within the next twelve months.

I cannot make any guarantees about release dates or quantities until closer to each yarn's actual release, so please stay tuned for updates. Follow Alley Cat Yarns @alleycatyarns on Instagram, and sign up to receive email updates.

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(note: yardage is listed per 100 grams for comparison's sake. Actual yardage and weight of skeins that are offered for sale will vary.)

Corriedale Aran

Farmed: Ohio, USA
Milled: Michigan, USA
Aran Weight: 180 yards per 100g
Woolen spun
Corriedale is a bouncy, full-bodied yarn that shines in textured or stranded colourwork projects. Its wool is soft enough for next-to-skin wear for many, though you may wish to use it for durable, water-resistant, breathable, and warm outerwear.
Moorit coloured Shetland sheep

Moorit Shetland 2-ply Sport

Farmed: United Kingdom (UK)
Milled: Devon, UK at The Natural Fibre Company mill
Sport Weight: 400 yards per 100g
Woolen spun
This beautiful naturally coloured yarn is woolen spun, making it loftier by yardage than many commercial yarns. Quite soft, and perfect for warm, lightweight garments and accessories.

Ontario Dorset Worsted

Farmed: Ontario, Canada
Milled: New Brunswick, Canada
DK to Worsted: 245 yards per 100g
Woolen spun
Strong and round, this pure Ontario wool is meant for cold winters! Well-insulating and moisture-wicking, this Dorset yarn will serve you well in outer layers such as vests, sweaters, hats, mitts, and shawls.
East Friesian sheep and lamb lying on a grassy hill.

East Friesian Lambswool 

Farmed: Québec, Canada
Milled: Canada
Sport Weight: 353 yards per 100g
Famously raised for milk, East Friesian sheep provide wool that is crisp, strong, and textured. This single-ply yarn is spun exclusively from first shearings of lambs, making it among the softest East Friesian wool available.

A flock of sheep looking toward the camera

Merino BFL Fingering

Farmed: United Kingdom
Milled: Devon, United Kingdom, by John Arbon Textiles
Fingering Weight: 437 yards per 100g
Worsted spun
Purely British, this 50/50 blend of Falkland Merino and Bluefaced Leicester wools is the softest non-superwash yarn we've worked with! Its soft 'teeth' make it easy to work with in stranded colourwork projects, and its 2-ply spin opens beautifully for lacework.
Suffolk sheep with black faces looking toward the camera.

Rideau-Arcott & Suffolk Sport

Farmed: Manitoulin, Ontario, Canada
Milled: Alberta, Canada
Fingering/Sport Weight: 400 yards per 100g
2-ply, woolen spun
A beautiful blend of wools with strong histories within Canada, these breeds combine to offer a springy, breathable knitted fabric. Ideal for cables and colourwork on garments and accessories.

Targhee-Polypay Silk DK

Farmed: Michigan, USA
Milled: Michigan, USA
DK Weight: 284 yards per 100 grams
Woolen spun
80% Targhee-Polypay, 20% Silk
This special blend is raised and milled just across the bridge from Sarnia, Ontario, making it more local to our studio than some Canadian wools! This yarn is very soft and lofty, and has the benefit of silk and smooth finish from the addition of 20% silk.
White sheep looking toward the camera.

Ryeland DK

Farmed: North Helford, United Kingdom
Milled: Cornwall, United Kingdom, by Blacker Yarns and The Natural Fibre Company
DK Weight: 238 yards per 100 grams
Woolen spun

Ryeland is one of England's oldest sheep breeds, and is said to have been Queen Elizabeth II's favourite stocking wool!
This yarn is dense, soft, elastic, and will make a cozy, insulating, and moisture-wicking garment or accessory.

Sheep looking toward the camera.

Ontario Rambouillet DK

Farmed: Ontario, Canada
Milled: Michigan, USA
DK Weight: 286 yards per 100g
Woolen spun

Rambouillet is a close relative to Merino, and has the softness to prove it! We have been lucky enough to source a large batch of some of Canada's finest wool from a single flock of Rambouillet sheep at Gaynor Homestead, in Southwestern Ontario. Milled to our specifications at Zeilinger Woolen Mill just across the bridge in Michigan, this wool is simply as pure and versatile as wool gets.

Soft enough for next-to-skin wear, our Ontario Rambouillet DK is energetically spun and shows off in cables and colourwork. 

A lone white sheep looking toward the camera.

Ontario Coopworth Sport

Farmed: Ontario, Canada
Milled: Ontario, Canada 
Sport Weight: 350 yards per 100g
Semi-worsted spun, 4-ply

Spun at Wellington Fibres here in Ontario, Canada, this locally-sourced Coopworth is skillfully spun into a semi-worsted 4-ply sport weight yarn with beautiful sheen. Very round and lively, this yarn is a top choice to show off cables or other detailed stitch work. Next-to-skin soft for many, but a little toothy for the most sensitive.

A large white sheep with two dark lambs standing on either of her sides.

Grey Shetland Sport

Farmed: United Kingdom
Milled: Cornwall, United Kingdom, by Blacker Yarns and The Natural Fibre Company
Sport Weight: 380 yards per 100g
Woolen spun

Another example of nature's perfection, this natural grey Shetland yarn is much the same as our moorit offering, but in a lovely medium heather grey. A portion of this wool will be hand dyed, but much will be offered as nature provided.