British Breeds DK

British Breeds DK

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40% English Merino

17% Shetland

26% Bluefaced Leicester

17% Wool Noils

An exquisite limited collection of British wools, British Breeds DK is a woolen spun* yarn by our friends at The Fibre Company in Cornwall, UK. 

Lofty, light, cozy, and warm, this untreated yarn is everything we want our cool-weather hand knits to be. Makes wonderful colourwork mittens that keep your hands warm and dry, but well-suited for any garment or accessory. Barely toothy, this yarn will work for next-to-skin wear for many.

Yardage varies by listing; please check carefully.


What is woolen spun yarn? 'Woolen' refers to the preparation of fibre for spinning. In a woolen spun yarn, fibres are carded into random arrangement--as opposed to combed into alignment for worsted preparation--and this randomness results in more air within the finished yarn. This space means a lofty feel, lightweight warmth, and often a more textured feel in hand than worsted spun yarns. 

12 products
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