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Try It First!

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Indie-dyed yarn looks so nice in online pictures, doesn't it? Photos are carefully posed with props, lighted just right, and post-edited to look perfect on e-commerce websites and Instagram. Every yarn, it seems, is "bouncy", "lofty", "soft", and "perfect for next to skin wear". 

But how can you be expected to lay out significant sums for something whose value relies entirely upon how it looks and feels to your eyes and in your hands, if you can't see and touch it directly? 

Alley Cat Yarns now offers sample sets to help address this problem!

Purchase a sample set--which includes a small sample of each of our core 8 base yarns--for just $10. Your sample set will arrive with a gift certificate in the total amount of your purchase, including shipping costs (if applicable). You can then use your gift certificate toward any item at Alley Cat Yarns.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for production of your sample set.

Limit of one sample set per customer, please.