Texel DK: Natural

Texel DK: Natural

Texel DK: Natural

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Texel DK: 100 grams and 238 yards

 The Texel is a breed of sheep originally from the Netherlands. It is known for its muscle development and leanness, unique appearance, and strong, dense, durable wool.

Available in DK or Aran weight, this special collection of Texel yarn is woolen spun* by the folks at The Fibre Company and Blacker Yarns at their mill in the United Kingdom. 

This yarn feels dense, springy, toothy, and crisp in hand. It is neatly and energetically spun with three plies, making it round and well-suited to even knitting and cables. As a toothier wool, it may be preferred for outerwear or garments to be worn over layers. An excellent candidate for hats, mittens, shawls, and oversweaters.

Micron Count**: 26-38 

Staple Length***: 3-6 inches


* What is woolen spun yarn? 'Woolen' refers to the preparation of fibre for spinning. In a woolen spun yarn, fibres are carded into random arrangement--as opposed to combed into alignment for worsted preparation--and this randomness results in more air within the finished yarn. This space means a lofty feel, lightweight warmth, and often a more textured feel in hand than worsted spun yarns. 

** What is micron count? Micron count refers to the measurement of the diameter of a fibre. The lower the micron count, finer the fibre. Micron count is given as a range, because actual measurement can vary by farm, flock, or individual sheep depending on a number of factors.

*** What is staple length? Staple length refers to the measurement of a length of fibre from the animal's skin to fibre tip. A longer staple length generally means a stronger fibre. As with micron count, staple length for a breed is given as a range, because actual measurement can vary.

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