Merino Silk Yak in Au Naturel: Dyed to Order

Merino Silk Yak in Au Naturel: Dyed to Order

Merino Silk Yak in Au Naturel: Dyed to Order

Regular price $35.00

60% Superwash Merino/20% Silk/20% Yak

This colourway is prepared to order: Please allow up to 2 weeks for your yarn to be available for pick-up/be shipped.

While no dye is applied to this bare yarn, it is processed much like dyed yarn (ordering, shipping, sorting, stocking, scouring, hot bath, cool wash, cold rinse, dry room, re-skeining, labeling) and so is priced in line with dyed yarns.

DK: Approximately 231 yards per 100 gram skein

Fingering: Approximately 400 yards per 100 gram skein

This is a go-to luxury yarn: Soft, strong, deep, rich, smooth, even, and flexible. Merino Silk Yak literally shines in projects that call for a confident drape!

Choose a single-colour project, or experiment with colourwork; while this yarn is definitely smooth and drapey, it has enough body to hold its own in colourwork projects, too.

Please note that this high-sheen blend is a little tricky to photograph, and so while we do our best to give an accurate representation of colour in these listings, you may find a slight variance in colour when you see these yarns in person. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and accept returns with a full refund should your yarn not meet your expectations. 

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