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Corriedale Worsted in Deep Navy

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25 grams / 50 yards

(you will receive larger skeins if you order multiples of 25 grams, up to 100-gram skeins. Read on for more details).

In my own test projects, I achieved a gauge of approximately 19 stitches per 4 inches on a 4.5mm needle (stockinette). You will of course need to test your own gauge for your own projects, but this gives you somewhere to start.


Available in 25-gram increments:

Buy exactly what you need! If you buy 1 x 25 grams, you'll get a 25-gram skein; if you buy 2 x 25 grams, you'll get a 50-gram skein; if you buy 4 x 25 grams, you'll get a 100-gram skein; if you buy 5 x 25 grams, you'll get a 100-gram skein and a 25-gram skein (100 grams is the largest skein size). By offering these smaller put-up options, you can choose to order smaller quantities of certain colourways if you'd like.

Quantities are very limited and orders will close when supplies are depleted.
Orders are custom-dyed and will ship within 3 weeks of order to allow for batching-dyeing and re-skeining.

About Corriedale:

Corriedale sheep are a cross between Merino and Lincoln breeds, originally from New Zealand.

What makes Corriedale wool so special is its combination of strength, long fibre length, loft, lively crimp, and softness. At approximately 25 microns, Corriedale is a medium wool: coarser than merino, yet fine enough for garments and accessories that benefit from the strength of the fibre. As a woolen spun yarn, there is a lot of loft (air) in this yarn, making it quite insulating, and the untreated finish is naturally weather-repellant.

This is the sort of wool you'll use to create hand knits that will last a lifetime. I look forward to knitting myself a gorgeous heirloom-quality fair isle sweater with some of this Corriedale!