Yarn Bases

Alley Cat carries a range of specially curated yarn bases. Please contact us if you'd like guidance selecting the best yarn for your project; we're happy to help!

65% silk/35% linen

Approximately 261 yards and 50 grams per skein.

Silk Linen is a fingering weight blend that is ideal for warm-weather, drapey knits, such as shawlettes and tees. Knit at a gauzy gauge with 4.5mm to 5.00mm needles makes a breezy short-sleeved summer top with relatively little yarn (for example, the Willa tee by This Bird Knits takes 150g for a size 50-inch bust).

Silk Linen is a limited edition seasonal base.

Smooth Sock

85% superwash merino / 15% nylon

Approximately 437 yards per 100 gram skein

4-ply Smooth Sock is your go-to fingering weight yarn for garments and accessories of all kinds. Made from 85% extrafine superwash merino and 15% nylon, 4-ply Smooth Sock is very soft with strength. It has a moderate twist that gives it a defined round bounce--ideal for cables and detail as well as an even, straight stockinette or garter. 


Leo BFL Sock

80% superwash BFL / 20% nylon

Approximately 425 yards per 115 gram skein

Featuring Bluefaced Leicester wool, Leo is a lofty fingering weight yarn ideal for strong and warm socks, sweaters, mitts, and other projects that call for a formidable yet cozy fibre. Owing to its long fibre staple length, BFL is known for its strength, sheen, and gentle halo. It is particularly well-suited for colour work projects because of its textured structure that holds stitches together well.


Minou 3-ply MCS Fingering

75% merino / 15% cashmere / 10% silk

Approximately 425 yards per 115 gram skein

Minou is opulence in a string! An exceptionally soft, luxurious yarn, Minou is ideal for fingering weight projects such as special garments and accessories. Its sprightly 3-ply twist gives it good stitch definition for cable or lacework projects, though it is equally beautiful in simpler designs.

    Polwarth DK 

    100% superwash Polwarth

    Approximately 246 yards per 100 gram skein

    A next-to-skin soft yarn with confidence! Ever so soft, but with feeling. Polwarth is a Merino/Lincoln cross that offers strong, lustrous wool with excellent stitch definition and a light crispness--think lightly-toasted marshmallow. Well-suited to all sorts of garments and accessories.


    Merino Silk Yak DK and Fingering

    60% superwash Merino / 20% Silk / 20% Yak
    DK: Approximately 231 yards per 100 gram skein
    Fingering: Approximately 400 yards per 100 gram skein

    This is a go-to luxury yarn: Soft, strong, deep, rich, smooth, even, and flexible. Merino Silk Yak literally shines in projects that call for a confident drape!

    Choose a single-colour project, or experiment with colourwork; while this yarn is definitely smooth and drapey, it has enough body to hold its own in colourwork, too.


    Moggie Worsted

    100% superwash extrafine merino

    Approximately 251 yards per 115 gram skein

    Looking for a reliable, versatile, squishy, lofty, cozy, and flexible heavy DK or worsted weight yarn? Meet Moggie!

    Moggie is a 100% superwash merino yarn that successfully rides the line between DK and worsted weight thanks to its malleable loft. You choose how to use it based on your gauge and the qualities you desire in your finished project. Well suited to projects of all sorts, and soft enough for next-to-skin wear on sensitive skin.


    Duchess Worsted

    70% superwash Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) / 20% silk / 10% cashmere

    Approximately 251 yards per 115 gram skein

    Duchess is a show stopper! Somehow, it's everything all at once: soft and strong, squishy and structured, cozy and light, unique and versatile. Duchess is perfect for all manner of garments and accessories in the heavy DK to worsted range, however truly shines as a shawl or sweater where its drape can adorn its wearer in a cozy embrace.


    Kid Mohair/Silk

    70% Kid Mohair/30% Silk

    Approximately 475 yards per 50 gram skein

    Add some dimension and softness to your projects with this airy lace-weight kid mohair/silk blend.