Smooth Sock Mini Sets

Smooth Sock Mini Sets

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Smooth Sock mini skeins are a favourite at in-person events, and almost never offered online!

This July, I am clearing out the original Smooth Sock yarn to make way for a new organic merino and recycled nylon Smooth Sock yarn base. 

These sets are carefully curated, and come in set sizes from 5 minis to as many as 38 minis each. Each mini is 20 grams and 87 yards. Each listing describes total weight and yardage for the listed set.

Smooth Sock is a classic sock weight superwash merino/nylon yarn, and combines easily with most standard superwash fingering weight yarns in the range of 360 to 450 yards per 100 grams.

What can you make with mini skeins? All kinds of things! 

  • 4 minis makes a pair of large adult sized socks
  • 1 mini makes heels and toes for a pair of socks
  • 2 minis makes cuffs, heels, and toes for a pair of socks
  • 5 minis equals 1 full skein of sock yarn, so any single-skein project can be made with 5 minis
  • 5 minis makes a pair of colourwork mittens or gloves
  • several sets together would make a gorgeous scrappy blanket or sweater, like the sea glass cardigan
  • 5 minis can be used for a contrasting yoke on an adult sized sweaters
  • Minis are great for critter crochet or knitting (gnomes, frogs, ducks?)
84 products
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