Choose-Your-Yardage Fade Calendar

Choose-Your-Yardage Fade Calendar

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Designed to fit the project(s) you have in mind, the Choose-Your-Yardage Fade Calendar includes a complete gradient collection inspired by nature: the low sun, clay mountains, wet sand bars, hot lagoons, and rich forests. Expect rich tonals, low-contrast variegateds, and coordinated speckleds with splashes of contrast to pull it all together.

Every calendar includes the exact same set of colourways, but you choose the overall yardage you need according to your plans: Smaller sets include fewer yards per colourway, and larger sets include more yards per colourway.  This is the ultimate in fade possibilities: sweaters, shawls, wraps, hats, mitts, socks...whatever suits you!

Not sure about a fade project? Mix and match your coordinating minis for contrasting yokes, stripes, heels/toes/cuffs, or multi-hued accessories instead. 

Calendar options:

Yarn is Smooth Sock: 85% extrafine merino and 15% nylon.

1. 200 grams: 20 x 10g minis (Total: 200g and 874 yards/796 metres)

2. 400 grams: 20 x 20g minis (Total: 400g and 1,748 yards/1,598 metres)

3. 600 grams: 20 x 30g minis (Total: 600g and 2,622 yards/2,398 metres)

4. 800 grams: 20 x 40g minis (Total: 800g and 3,496 yards/3,197 metres)

Each mini skein will be individually packaged and numbered in fade order.

Calendars will be mailed by November 10th, 2022.

Shipping is included: Use code "calendar" at checkout for free shipping.

4 products
Fade Calendar: 200 grams
Fade Calendar: 400 grams
Fade Calendar: 600 grams
Fade Calendar: 800 grams
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